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  • Car category is guaranteed: You reserve a category that guarantees you certain vehicle characteristics (for example: 5 person, economy, 3 door). In every category there are several models, therefore it is not possible for us to guarantee you will receive a specific model. If at collection the requested model is available, we will be happy to give it to you. The same thing with fuel; you cannot choose between petrol and diesel. Model, type of fuel and colour will depend on the vehicles available in our office on pick-up date.
  • What do our rates include: If you make your booking through our webpage, the final price includes rental, SCDW (INSURANCE COVERAGE) and VAT. If you requested extras, creating an extra fee, this will appear in your final quote. (SEE EXTRAS). Unlimited mileage.
    Not included: Petrol, fines or towing service costs if you are at fault in an accident.
  • Insurance cover: (INSURANCE COVERAGE)
  • Extras: (SEE EXTRAS)
  • Free airport service: We do not have a desk inside the airport. Our agent dressed in a yellow shirt, blue skirt/pants will assist you outside the Arrivals Terminal in front of the Taxi Stand. Our shuttle bus will bring you to our office, just 4 minutes away. You must return the car the same way, in our office and we will take you directly to Departure terminal. These services are immediate and without any extra cost.
  • Hotel deliveries: SEE EXTRAS
  • Pick-up and drop-off in different places: SEE EXTRAS (ONE WAY)
  • Requirements for picking up the car: Passport or ID card, driver’s licence (both originals) and credit card in the name of the driver.
  • Minimum age required: For economy categories, minimum age is 21 and a valid 1-year driver license is required. For all other categories, minimum age of 25 and a valid 2-year driver license. Maximum age is 80 years.
  • Maximum rental duration: 30 days. For rentals of more than 30 days you should call us on (+34) 971 269911
  • Cancellation Policy: There is no cancellation fee, provided that the cancellation is made at any time prior to the date of collection of the vehicle. Otherwise, no refund will be made.
    In case the payment has been made with an AMEX card, cancellation fees will be charged.
    These fees represent 3.7% of the amount paid (the percentage AMEX charges for that transaction).
  • Petrol Policy: FULL TO FULL. If you return the car with a full tank of petrol, the deposit will be refunded. Petrol prices may vary depending on vehicle model and current market prices.
  • Out of hours: For bookings between 22:00 – 08:00 (flight number required) there is an extra “out of hours” fee of 30 euros. In the case your flight is delayed or if you are dropping off the car between 22:00 and 8:00 this service will be also charged. Remember our office in Ibiza accepts out of hours until 02:00 during summer months only.
  • You are not allowed to take out the car from the Island where it has been rented.