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Mahon Car Rental


Mahon is the capital of Menorca, North Island of the Balearic Islands. It is an iconic place that was under British rule throughout the Eighteenth Century, therefore, its colonial heritage is noticeable, and that gives the city a particular cosmopolitan atmosphere.
This city is full of nooks to discover, that with a simple walk, transport the visitor to another era.
The combination of British architecture, together with its natural harbor, and the historical importance of this enclave, makes Mahón a visit difficult to forget.
To visit this town, we recommend using our Mahon Car Rental service, since Hiper Rent a Car offers the most comfortable and quickest way to get around Mahon and its surroundings, which we also recommend to visit.


The office of Hiper Rent a Car is located 3 kilometers from Menorca Airport , and although it can be reached in many ways, we recommend using our minibus service, completely free for Hiper Rent a Car clients.
The Airport-Office-Airport shuttle service at the door of the office, or at the corresponding terminal.
For more information on how to get to our office, click here.
If you want to know more about the shuttle bus service, click here.


Mahón is a place famous for its gastronomy, given that Menorcan cuisine has very characteristic dishes.
The vast majority of the food in Mahon comes from the sea, given the great diversity of species found in its waters, thanks to Menorca being declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1993.
For this reason, we recommend trying the wide range of fish and seafood, highlighting dishes such as Caldereta de Langosta, Raya al Horno, or the well-known Queso Mahonés, a cheese exclusive to this area, with a flavour that can only be achieved in Mahón.
For those with a sweet tooth, we recommend sweets such as Pastissets or Carquinyols.


As already mentioned, Mahón is a place with many places to discover, and a great offer of activities.
It is always recommended to take a stroll along the port, with the possibility of delighting in one of the many bars and restaurants that surround it.
There is also the possibility of seeing a play at the Mahón Main Theater, or learning about the island’s history at the Menorca Museum.
A highly recommended place to visit is the La Mola Fortress, a 19th-century fortification commissioned by Isabel II of Spain, and which, although no longer in use, continues to welcome anyone who decides to enter the port by boat.



Highly recommended. At the airport we waited less than 10 minutes and we were picked up by the company transportation that took us to the Hiper office which is about 5 minutes away. Once there the staff was very friendly, to our surprise they did not try to sell us any extras, and gave us a choice of car (within the range we had rented). The car had some damage, they wrote it down on the form, no problem returning it. Thank you very much!

Tulio Baracco



Second time I rent with them and second time everything goes great. Easy car pick up, great and new car, very helpful staff and delivery of the car without any problem.
If I come back to the Balearic Islands I have no doubt where to rent.




Very good experience with Hiper. Black Clio very suitable for the trip and quite fuel efficient. The meeting point for the shuttle is on the far left of the parking lot when you have the airport behind you. Don’t forget to call the agency to be picked up. The shuttle will also take you to the airport on your return. I highly recommend this service.

Barbara Cecotti


the best beaches


Located in the Port of Mahon, Cala Teulera is a small beach, protected from the wind.
It is ideal for snorkeling and swimming, plus it is located next to the Fortress of La Mola, so it is ideal for a dip after visiting it.


A hidden beach in the municipality of Sant Lluís, in the south of the island. It is not very well known, and is sheltered from the wind.
It is a very suitable option for families, given its easy access, and its excellent parking.


Can I take my car off the island?

It is not allowed to take the car out of the island where it has been rented.

What is the price of the HiperPlus insurance in Mahón?

It covers all cases except negligence and/or serious or very serious offence. The price depends on the vehicle group selected, check the full prices in our extras section.

Do the cars have GPS?

You can select at the time of booking the option of guaranteed GPS for 5€/day (maximum 100€).

What are the office opening hours?

Office opening hours: From 08:00 to 22:00 hours. All year round.
If you have any questions, please contact the office: (+34) 971 36 81 63

Can you deliver the car to my hotel?

Hotel delivery: 24 euros per delivery. Hotel drop off service is not available for 1 day rentals.
Hotel drop off: 24 euros per drop off. Hotel drop off service is not available for 1 day rentals.

Can I pick up the car at the port of Mahon?

We do not deliver cars to the port of Mahon.